• DELICIOUSandFETISH For fans of my legs and Mr. Funny. photo 9934309
  • DELICIOUSandFETISH For fans of my legs and Mr. Funny. photo 9934308


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38, Gémeaux, Passion, Dream
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Ох, эти секси ножки в колготках и туфельках
Тающая мороженка и ... кое что ГОРЯЧЕНЬКОЕ
почти что ЛАБУТЕНЫ на моих ногах
сочные ГУБЫ
My feet in sandals
NAKED in the bathroom
смешные трусики комиксы
мой ДР
Collectible underwear
Bouquet of flowers
NYLON and fetish....26 photos
at home: Saint-Petersburg
denim and .... FEMININITY
a little ABOUT ME
I really want you to keep me company in this...!
ГОЛЫЕ ноги, фут ФЕТИШ  / BARE feet, foot FETISH
All about NYLON and ART
What do you THINK about this...?
Mmm.... this is something very TASTY!
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Les détails importants de DELICIOUSandFETISH
Sexe Femme
Intéressé par Hommes
Age 38
Taille 150cm - 160cm
Poids 40 - 45 kg
Cheveux Brunes
Yeux Verts
Origines Blanche / Caucasienne
Langues Anglais, Russe
Ville d'origine Dream
Poils Pubiens Rasées
Poitrine Moyenne
Cul Moyenne
Ce qui m'excite
CUMMING from delicious food and drink! I love nylon, high heels!!! And I'm not a "white and fluffy kitty" at all, I'm a DOMINANT woman!
A propos de moi
Hi! Glad to meet you!
Today is my first time Here. I'm new to the Site.

I am a very positive and optimistic woman, I spend a lot of time traveling, I create designer (author's) jewelry from natural stones / minerals.

I just love delicious food!!! For me, eating and drinking can be VERY sexy

I collect UNUSUAL cocktail recipes. Be sure to share with me if you have one)))!

I also collect stockings, tights. I WILL DEFINITELY INTRODUCE YOU TO MY COLLECTION OF hosiery beauty on my legs.

I love high-heeled shoes and interesting fetishes, ART erotica and ASMR.

I'm also a writer. For several years I have been writing articles, my book, conducting research on FETISHES, as well as their impact on life. I will be GLAD to discuss this with you and find out YOUR opinion ...)! This is the main purpose of my appearance on this site.

I 'm too VERSATILE and there will be:
- eroticism and seduction
- foot and nail fetishes, NYLON, slender legs
- role-playing and domination
- art and art house, ASMR
- and of course, there will be a LOT of communication with you! Because your opinion and THOUGHTS are very IMPORTANT to me!

1 - RESPECT me and my principles. Rudeness and disrespect are UNACCEPTABLE!
2 - Do not copy, download, and, moreover, do not distribute my PERSONAL photos. And all the photos published here are my personal ones and I am against their distribution by anyone other than me. I do not give my permission to copy or distribute all my photos and videos published by me.
3 - I am a living person and a PERSONALITY. With diverse interests and knowledge. I want you to be INTERESTING to ME, too.
4 - I'M NOT SELLING MY BODY! But my time is my most valuable resource.

I'm NONUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ce qui me dégoûte
DISRESPECT to me! I'm not selling my body!!! But my time spent with you costs money...
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